Does just the thought of the holiday season make your heart race? So much to do, people to see, and things to think about. It’s daunting. But there are oodles of ways to stay balanced and at peace during the busiest time of the year. It’s your time, too, and with a few things in mind, you can create sacred space. What is sacred space? It’s creating experiences, quiet time, and celebrations just for yourself. It’s time to regenerate your joy, enthusiasm and energy.

Here’s my TOP 5 list. I am sure you can think of more…

Number 5 – Be Yourself

It’s hard for some people to say, “No.” No one wants to be thought of as a party pooper. But you don’t have to become someone else during the holidays. If you are not the kind who makes cookies, brings them to the party and is the life of the party – don’t try to be that person or do those things. And there is no law that you have to send holiday cards either – or provide a detailed annual family letter. If that’s you – great! If not, be like Elsa and let it go. <LET IT GO> Do other things that are uniquely YOU. Lean in to your strengths during the holidays, as you would any other time of year. It’s more of a gift than you think – we don’t want a different version of you at the expense of your joy. If you prefer to share experiences with your kids, pump that up – do fun things with your family. These are YOUR holidays, enjoy them. Yes, show up to important events, office or work holiday parties, etc… But don’t overthink it. Go AND when you are ready, leave. If you are the life of the party and this is your favorite season – go all out! But remember, not everyone is like you. Stay true to who you are.

Number 4 – Family and Friends go hand in hand

When it comes to family, you don’t have to do the same thing you’ve always done. If seeing your extended family leaves you depleted, add friends to the mix. You are an adult. You get to decide what you want to do. Change it up this year. YES, you can do that. Also, giving this season doesn’t just mean things. Give your family grace. If you need to, give the gift of forgiveness. Let go of grudges or old baggage you are holding on to. Look forward, not back. Give more smiles, give more compliments, give more attention. Those things don’t break the budget and have lasting impact. Do it for yourself and for them. Then strategically think about how and who you want to spend your time this holiday season. (Be sure to let everyone know in advance so they can plan as well.)

Number 3 – Drink and be Merry

And when you are at family gatherings or work parties or any party,

Drink Drink Drink – – – Water!

Alcohol is a known depressant. It’s no wonder that all of the “holiday cheer” leaves us feeling depressed. Plus with the shorter days, we are not getting as much sunlight. Fix that with more water.

Drink twice as much water as alcohol. You will feel better. If you don’t drink at all, keep a glass of something in your hand and no one will bug you about not having a cocktail. You won’t have to explain yourself over and over again and can have a good time! As a matter of fact, challenge yourself to not drink during a party or two. Perhaps you go alcohol free at your work holiday party – keep your wits about you and you may learn a thing or two about others there. 😉 Keep your good habits of hydration through the holidays and you won’t be dragging into the new year.

Number 2 – Keep up your Wellness Habits

This is me. Taking a bit of my own advice, staying in and resting after a long day.

Keep up other good habits as well. Don’t stop: working out, getting enough sleep, rest when you need it, eating fruits and vegetables. If you are a spa person, don’t miss your treatment. If you like to hike or run, dance, craft, whatever fills you up, put it on your calendar. Make an appointment with yourself. And keep it. Consider that an appointment you cannot miss. Replenishing yourself daily is mandatory. For me, this means eating well. I often grab a simple whole food snack of mostly vegetables and protein before parties to make sure I am getting the right foods in me. This satisfies me so I’m not ravenously attacking the desserts or food that’s not good for me. I still enjoy the great food on the table, but in less quantities. Do I overeat during the holidays? You betcha! But not at the expense of good nutrition. It carries me through my days – so does working out and getting a good night’s rest.


Number 1 – Celebrate the Light!

If you celebrate Christmas this holiday season has special meaning to you. Light a candle and remember that you are celebrating the light of the world! Do this daily along with your spiritual practice. Prayer, yoga, meditation, journaling, and gratitude all go hand in hand. These are great ways to bring forth the positive energy of the holiday season. Do it for yourself. You will find yourself calm and clear for each day. You’ll be more focused as well.

Ultimately, this will give you space to consider others who need goodness and light in their life. Pass it on through acts of kindness and words to encouragement. Start now! This is the best season to do this. Hopefully, this will become a habit that will continue through the new year. Think about it, we are always busy and there is always stress in our lives – not just at the holidays, but year round. When we center ourselves, we have a better ability to pass through life with grace and generosity.

Go light your world!


PS Here’s a fun look at The Best Christmas Ever. Maybe you can relate.


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