Above: A hopeful smile with my vision board in early 2020.


“A vision is a dream with a plan.” Verne Harnish

Years ago, I was part owner of At Home Radon®, a radon testing and mitigation company in Greater Cincinnati. We started with a broken-down van, a few testing devices and a phone number. We grew that little company into a premier service provider in Greater Cincinnati. How? We knew what we wanted. We had a strong mission, a vision of being the best, most reliable radon company in Greater Cincinnati and a road map to get there.

Owning a radon company was not on any vision board I created for myself, but building organizations around a strong sense of belonging and a compelling vision ALWAYS was. It always has been. I had done it before and this would be no different. We did just what we set out to do, grew it to profitability and became the most trusted and #1 radon company.

I coach a lot of leaders who are doing the same thing – growing teams and organizations toward the greater good. They are creating a place for individuals AND the organization to flourish under a common mission and vision. They are building strategy around personal and organizational best. I believe so strongly in this, it’s what I’ve built my entire coaching and consulting practice on. It can be summed up in these three words: MISSION + VISION + STRATEGY

Starting or persevering through building and growing organizations or even personal goals is hard work. We get tired, discouraged or burned out. Fear and doubt creeps in.

Tired + set backs + hard work + no vision  = give up

Tired + set backs + hard work + awesome vision = taking a break, recharging & getting back at it.

There is a BIG difference between the two scenarios. With no vision, we perish.

This pandemic has tested us all. We’re all weary. We’ve all have heartache and even great loss. We’re all working hard(er). It’s been a huge setback.

AHR Days – 2006-2016

The housing crisis of 2008, was one of those times for the radon business. Radon testing referrals came almost exclusively from realtors and home inspectors. Things dried up and we had to step back and find new ways to work, or pack it up. We found work with larger environmental companies working in brown zones. It was a stretch, but it was lucrative and meant that we could grow in new ways. It saved our business and gave us confidence to do more.

The flip of the calendar from 2020 to 2021 is not magical – but it is the perfect time to reboot, rekindle or create new vision. Actually, EVERY day is an opportunity.

Is there something ahead that you are hoping for? Do you remember what that is?

A vision should excite you and get you back out there when life becomes hard. It should be specific, compelling, colorful, simple, and full of life.

I hope you go back to your Why, your mission, and your Dream, your vision.

I’ll leave you with this.

Viola Davis was recently interviewed by 60 Minutes’ John Wirtheim. She opened up about her dream to become an actress. Davis, who grew up in poverty, said, “I needed something to catapult me out of this like a rocket booster. The dreams, they couldn’t be casual dreams.”

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goeth

Exactly! No casual dreams! Viola is now one of the most prolific actresses of our time. She also admitted that she still fights her “poverty” mindset.

What will it take for you in 2021?

Take the time we have been given, use it to open your mind to possibility. Don’t panic or give up, recalibrate! Stick it out with me.

If you are struggling to reclaim your vision, you’re not alone. I’ve created a handy tool that will help you kick start or rekindle the thing you started in the first place.  We’ll start with mission. Contact me at alexia@alexiazigoris.com and I’ll send it to you for free.

Use this time. Don’t waste it worrying or complaining.

Be grateful, and stay in the game,


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