I am a mission-driven. I believe that everyone is a leader and we can all do better at leading by first starting with ourselves, then others.

My journey began over 20 years ago, when I opened the door to my personal and professional mission. At a weekend retreat, I learned that I have a mission. I also learned that in order to follow that mission, I needed to embrace my leadership style with courage and a willingness to grow.

It became clearer that this mission statement was so much more than a cliché or something to hang on my wall. It was my compass and guide. As I shared my gift of writing mission statements and hosting vision casting sessions wherever I could, I realized that this work held the key to unlock the hidden dreams of others.

Over the years, I’ve developed an interactive, fun and highly accountable coaching style. I am caring and kind, yet straightforward, never mincing words. Bottom line: you will see results if you are willing to put in the hard work.

My vision is to bring out the best in you, setting you on a course to greater freedom and fulfillment in work and life.


  • I will show up and be present, creating uninterrupted space for you.*
  • I will pay attention to what you are saying and listen for heart and meaning behind your words.*
  • I will reflect what I am hearing by telling the truth. I will do this as an act of love without judgment or blame.*
  • I will be open to outcomes and not attempt to persuade you. I will help you be your best.*
  • I will hold our conversations in the strictest of confidence. What is said between us, stays between us.

Angeles Arrien – The Four Fold Way

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