Every wildly successful organization has a strong mission.

They know why they exist. They know what their purpose is and have a vision for taking it into the world. Those organizations and leaders stick to their guns until the mission is accomplished or die trying! In “Start with Why,” Simon Sinek states that inspired leaders think, act and communicate beginning with Why. Their purpose, mission, cause or belief is the impetus for all they do.  The day-to- day work, products they produce or service they provide is what they do. The way in which they do it is their how. People respond and connect to Why.

Why is this so? Inspiration and motivation drives behavior. We all want to know our Purpose or Why. I call it Mission.

Mission is strong – it’s evokes a get ‘er done attitude. It’s a military term meaning you won’t stop until it’s done.

Early in my career as a development officer, I knew to hold the mission high. Keep pointing to mission and vision and the strategy (i.e. funding, resources, people) will follow.

As a leader, communicating mission and vision is the single most important part of your message. Whether is organizational mission or personal mission, people are drawn to a something greater than themselves. The grander your mission, the more people will gather around it. I’ve had the privilege of promoting, advancing, mobilizing and inspiring very powerful stories. It wasn’t until I learned my personal mission that all of it made sense. I now understood what drives me.

I remember thinking that perhaps my mission was to “facilitate others’ growth.” If you’ve ever said those words to yourself, don’t settle for that. ALL of us are called to help others. This is generic and does not inspire anyone. Your mission is uniquely you and should move you, not bore you. You are either living your mission or ignoring it. Chances are you are somewhere in between.

There are valid reasons we don’t do this work.

  1. Our brain is crowded for attention. We are busy with urgent things or we fill our days with time sucking activities.
  2. There seems to be no simple way to uncover our mission. It seems daunting, too big.
  3. We are afraid if we know our mission, we will somehow feel required to give up our comfortable life and do something radical.

What if there was a simple way to discover your mission? What if others joined you on that journey so it didn’t seem quite as overwhelming? What if you actually felt greater sense of freedom (not a burden) as a result?

Would you jump in? I hope so.

Chances are, you already have an inkling of what it is and are doing things to fulfill that part of you.

Maybe you need a little nudge? I’m nudging you. Now.

My mission is to inspire, ignite and illuminate Freedom in myself and others. It took me far too long to apply that to myself first and then share it with others. I coach to help leaders get beyond their personal obstacles to live with freedom and service to others.

If you want a life of more freedom, purpose and fulfillment, take some time to be inspired. Only then will you be moved to change. Without a dream, we wither. You owe it to yourself. The world really needs you.

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I’ll help you explore your core values which lead to your “why.” Well take time to think, pray or meditate – then wordsmith until we get it right. My coaching is built on helping people move toward the life they’ve always wanted. I want that for you. Today is a good day to start.

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