This is a pic of me on tv. Whhhaaattt? How’d that happen?

Truth is: Being on the morning show was never a goal for me.

Since last summer, I’ve done several short segments on local tv. I was invited to be on the air because of a blog I’d written called, Coming Out.  A friend suggested I be interviewed and  it grew from there. At first, I was terrified. What do I say? Where do I put my hands? [I talk with my hands!] Do I look at the camera or the host? How do I boil down topics that take hours of coaching to something short that makes sense to an audience I can’t see? But somehow, we manage to get nuggets of information out – 3 minutes at a time.

Why do I do this? It’s not for reasons you may think. For any entrepreneur, free tv is about as good as it gets for promoting your business. But I am a coach, and my entire practice is based on serving my clients. Sooooo, as I’ve become more confident and less nervous, my focus shifted from me to YOU!  (Ahhhh, grasshopper, you are learning.) The truth is, when I’m  considering topics, I don’t think of what will make me sound the smartest, I wonder “How can I best help you?” This is perfectly aligned with how I coach, and it feels great. Plus working with Sheila Gray is a blast! I’ll be on Local 12 with Sheila this month on March 15 and 28 at 9:15 AM.

In this segment, we talk about VISION.

VISION is what each of us want MOST, but often don’t dare go after.

Visionaries give themselves free rein to dream. They face whatever obstacles keep them from getting where they want to be – most of those obstacles are from within – and they keep at it. I may sound like a broken record on this subject, but, great VISION compels us to do whatever it takes, but only if we want it bad enough.

“Dream no small dreams, for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

A trusted coach, gives us a safe place and a voice of truth through this. Think about it. When was a time in your life when you had the most significant growth? Was there someone there helping you? A personal trainer? A high school coach? A boss? A teacher? A person who heavily invested in you so you could advance? If you’ve never had someone in your life who believes in you, I urge you to discover for yourself how it can transform your life. Coaches aren’t paid to flatter, they are there to shine a light on your true self and give it a place to flourish.

My life has been drastically affected through powerful coaching and mentoring. I would not be where I am today without it. …and there is so much more ahead. 

That’s where VISION comes in. There is an ocean of possibility for each of us. It’s our responsibility to seek it and act on it. Coaches lead us to be more courageous and bold. They don’t let us stay stuck. They help us map out a plan and remind us of our “why.” Most of all, they change our mindset of limited thinking. Your crazy talk is not crazy to a really good coach. It’s what we love to be a part of. 

Check out the segment here: VISION. It’s a snippet, but should prompt some questions. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how much money you have or what obstacles are in front of you.

If you are ready for something different or want to grab hold of a dream that is just out of reach, contact me, it would be a privilege to help you.

We close this segment with this quote:

“…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The Alchemist.

Truth is: there are good things right in front of you.

They are pointing you in the right direction. Look for them and believe you can reach what’s just beyond the horizon. Dare to dream a little more.

All the best,


PS  If you need motivation, let Ethel help you out with this little ditty!

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