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A mission statement is a single, concise statement of why you exist, your values and how you will serve the world.

Many people think mission statements must be grandiose or are for “important” people like Gandhi, Jesus or Elvis! Simply not true. I like to think of your mission as who you are when you are in cruise control. You already have a mission – it’s a matter of discovering it!

  • A mission is your purpose.
  • Everyone has one.
  • You are worthy of having a mission.
  • My job is my mission.
  • My role is my mission.
  • My “to do” list is my mission.
  • I am not important enough to have a mission.
  • My mission must be the same as those of my peers.
  • I am currently not living my mission.
  • Geography is my destiny.
  • A mission must be full of suffering.
  • What I am doing is as close as I can get to my real mission.
  • My mission has to be grand or help a lot of people.

Step 1 of 5

  • The first step is to identify your core value.

    On the next panel, select three words that you are passionate about.

    Then narrow that down to one word.

    Here’s the litmus test: is this something you’d be willing to sacrifice for? Remember, Passion = Sacrifice.

  • Is it you?
  • Is it true?
  • Does it excite you?
  • Would you be willing to have your life be about this?
  • Can you live this at work?
  • Can you live this at home?
  • Can you be this at a party?
  • Can you do this alone?
  • Soon, you’ll get an e-mail with your mission statement on it. Print it out or write it down on a sticky note.
  • Put it on your dashboard or mirror or a place where you’ll see it several times a day.
  • Read it out every morning when you wake up and every evening as you go to bed.
  • Take some time (a few days or more) to meditate on what it means to you. If you feel a sense of peace and energy, then you are on to something, if you feel it doesn’t fit, then revisit the worksheet and tweak it.
  • If you need help, I am available for an initial 20-minute session.

Once Your Mission becomes clear, you can begin to move toward a more fulfilling life.

  • Casting vision for what your life is invigorating and scary. But with no vision, you allow the tide to pull you rather than taking the control of the sail.
  • A strategy including short term and long-term goals will help you move in the direction of your best life.
  • As you begin to change, conflict and fear are inevitable. Support and positive encouragement are important. You also need strong people who love you enough to tell you the truth.


If your vision does not inspire you, change will be more difficult. Victor Hugo said, Dream no small dreams. They have no power to stir the hearts of (wo)men. Dreaming big does not translate to fame, fortune or a Nobel Prize. It is simply living your best, most wonderful exhilarating life possible.

My coaching is predicated on walking with you from discovery to visioning to success!

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